University of Georgia
Terry College of Business

Study Information

This research study is being conducted by:

Dr. Jessica Rodell

Dr. Ryan Vogel

John Lynch


Workplace Implications of Person-Organization Fit

Researchers at the University of Georgia are conducting a study about attitudes that employees have toward their company.

You can earn $5 for participating in two short surveys (15-20 min). In addition, your name will be put into a drawing to win $500. Your supervisor also will be asked to participate in a survey, for which he or she will be given a $5 Starbucks gift card and entered into a separate drawing to win $500, too. The surveys ask about your workplace attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors.

In order to participate, you must:
- Be 18 or older
- Work full time (35+ hours/week)
- Provide the name and email address of a supervisor who is willing to complete a short online survey about you.

You will be able to complete your first survey by clicking on the link below. Approximately 3 weeks later you will be contacted again to complete your second survey. Then your supervisor will be contacted about their survey.

Please click HERE to start the survey

All information is kept completely confidential. No one except the researchers will have access to any of your responses. Any personal information is used solely to pay you for completing the survey and to match your survey with your and supervisor's survey.

You will be mailed $5 for your participation once the survey is concluded. Shortly after the survey concludes you will be contacted if your name was drawn for the $500. Similarly, at the end of the study your supervisor also will be contacted if his/her name is drawn for that $500.*

You can participate in this study only once.

If you have any questions about the study in general, please contact John Lynch at

Thank you for your participation!

*Please note that participation in the research is not required in order to enter the drawing. You may enter the drawing by emailing John Lynch at with your name and email address. Please clearly indicate that you only wish to participate in the drawing.